12 de agosto de 2022

8 CrossFit gyms in Barcelona to train on vacations

Are you looking for a CrossFit gym in Barcelona where you can train during your vacation? We bring you a short list with the best CrossFit boxes in Barcelona and surroundings.

We all know that vacations are for resting and disconnecting from routine, but the reality is that we the crossfitters are of another kind, and our bodies ask us to train even if it's on vacation. That is why we bring you a list of boxes in case you want to train CrossFit during your holidays in Barcelona.

1. Grit Houses - @grit.houses

It's about our house @grit.programming. Located in the Sant Martí neighborhood, the CrossFit 08019 gym has 12 Open Box spaces during all hours of the day, as well as different WOD, gymnastics, weightlifting, strongman and conditioning classes. The nearest metro station is "El Maresme - Forum" L4, it has parking for bicycles and a Bicing station very close. It is also located 10 minutes walk from the beach, so it is a good CrossFit box to visit near the sea.

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2. B23 - @crossfit_b23

In the town of Esplugues de Llobregat, CrossFit B23 has a very large Open Box area away from the classroom, as well as an area with fitness machines. In addition to all kinds of classes such as WOD, gymnastics, weightlifting, strongman and conditioning. The nearest metro stop is “San Ildefonso” L5 and the “Montesa” tram station.

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3. G93 - @g93.crossfit

In the neighborhood of La Bordeta, in Barcelona, we find CrossFit G93 with WOD, endurance, weightlifting, strong, functional and skill classes distributed at different times. It also has limited open box spaces throughout the day. It is very close to Plaza España, so it has a good connection both by public transport and by Bicing.

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4. Alpha Link - @alphalinkcrossfit

Between Sagrada Familia and Passeig Sant Joan, the Alpha Link gym offers WOD, Fitcond, Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Hyrox classes throughout the day, as well as having a small Open area for training. The closest metro stop is "Verdaguer", and there is a Bicing station very close.

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5. La Huella - @lahuella.esp

Close to Hospital Clínico we find La Huella Workout Club, a CrossFit box where they offer WOD, GPP, Metabolic Conditioning, Open Box and Barbell Club classes distributed throughout all hours of the day and among its different centers.

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6. Ranxo CrossFit - @ranxocrossfit

Away from the center, in Granollers, we find Ranxo CrossFit, a box with more than 800 square meters for training, which offers WOD, Metabolic and Weightlifting classes, as well as a large Open Box area available throughout the day.

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7. Scorpion - @scorpioncrossfit

Scorpion CrossFit is located in Castelldefels, about 15 minutes from the center of Barcelona by car. It has an Open Box area at all hours of the day, as well as WOD, Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting and Cardio classes.

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8. Brave Coast - @bravecoastcrossfit

In the heart of the Costa Brava, in Blanes, we find CrossFit Brave Coast. This box has all the common classes, such as WOD, Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Endurance, and also Yoga and Muai Thai, as well as an Open Box area available throughout the day.

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We hope our recommendations have helped you, and that you train in one of these boxes when you visit Barcelona.

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